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  Centre of Excellence for Tutoring in English, Maths and Computer Skills

I have been teaching students in the Guildford area for over 27 years, where I am well known, have an excellent reputation and hence a waiting list on a regular basis.

Education Plus has been successful through understanding the needs of the individual. For this reason each child is given an assessment prior to starting at the Centre. From this assessment a carefully structured individual programme is constructed. The aim then is to give students the skills and motivation to succeed. This is achieved by tailoring their work to the ability and pace of each child. As the child progresses the speed and difficulty of the work can be accelerated, providing a constant challenge and motivation for the student to improve.

Each session lasts for 1 hour and is broken down in to small compartments, providing the child with a constant change of activity and thereby maximising concentration levels. The work is varied and makes use of:

  • computer programmes
  • textbooks
  • worksheets
  • reading tasks
  • writing tasks

    Homework is given as an integral part of the programmes.

    The methods I use make use of sound fundamental teaching concepts and take advantage of modern technology. Using the basic concepts all children can learn. Children progress quickly and enjoy coming to the centre, as they feel it is a place that they can achieve, which is sometimes denied to them in schools.

    All work is marked as they do it, providing the child and me with constant feedback and gives me an opportunity for rewarding effort and success, either verbally, or through the use of stickers, certificates and prizes.

    I also provide extension work for the more able students. In the Guildford area there are a number of very concerned parents of able students who wish extra help to enable their children to fulfill their potential. In some cases it might be preparation for common entrance and scholarship examinations, or specialist GCSE teaching.

    Centre Director

    Russell Burton

    I have been teaching for over 30 years and for twenty seven of these in Guildford. I have built a reputation as an excellent teacher and I soon found myself as Head of Year at George Abbot School where I had responsibility for the academic and pastoral development of over 300 students. In this position I constantly found myself struggling to satisfy the demands of parents who sought better help for the individual needs of their child, who was either not coping, or not being stretched. As a result I saw children becoming disaffected with school. Now I am able to help the very parents I always felt I was unable to help with any degree of satisfaction. 

    I find it hard to believe, but I am now in my 15th year of specialist tutoring - where has the time gone?

    From September 2012

    Cost of lessons 20.00

    Payment is in half term blocks.

    Discount is given if two members of the same family attend lessons, bringing down the price of a lesson to 17.00.

Lesson Times

Monday - Friday 3.40 - 4.40 4.50 - 5.50 6.00 - 7.00 7.10 - 8.10


The Centre now offers computer training for adults. It is does not matter whether you are a beginner, or someone wishing to improve your existing skills. Take a day course, or ring to discuss training in the skills you wish to learn or improved.

Education Plus, 31 Weyside Road, Guildford, Surrey. GU1 1HZ

Tel: 01483 572707 There is currently a problem with the number so please email first or if important ring 07737 037500

email: russellburton@uk2.net





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